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China Customs has increased inspection efforts on different Face masks

  Recently, there were a few cases of PPE complaints abroad, and China Customs has also increased inspection efforts.
All PPE goods, regardless of the quantity, must be inspected. As a result, masks, face masks, and isolation garments are queued for commodity inspection, and delivery takes longer. Many PPE are stranded in the warehouse. Shipping costs have also increased.
  Masks and mask packaging are printed with FFP2 and medical words, when the manufacturer is not on the white list of medical devices, the goods will no doubt be detained by customs.
  Therefore, if you buy medical use goods, the manufacturer must be on the white list. The price may not be the cheapest, however the quality is reliable and there is no risk.
  If FFP2 is printed on the mask, it will be regarded as a medical mask by the customs. It is required to be on the white list and obtain medical standards. It is recommended that KN95 masks do not print FFP2.

  Non-medical mask manufacturers do not have to be on the white list. If the manufacturer is not on the white list, the CE mark must not be printed on disposable face masks / KN95 masks / packages, and manufacturers on the white list can print CE on face masks and packages.

  Please contact us should you have needs in Medical Face masks, KN95, disposable face masks. Mobile/Wechat/Whatsapp:+86-18665674056.